About the Authors

Katherine Talley

Katherine picks up on energies from Beyond. Through messages received from another dimension, she continues to transcribe a multitude of essays and quotes from Steve Jobs to be shared in  Beyond the Wheat Field. The Life-after-Life of Steve Jobs.

Her profession is not as a Medium. However, she will occasionally help a friend with intuitiveness or the insight of the Tarot – a tool she has used for over 30 years to assist in seeking answers to questions about the inner Self and situation.

Katherine has a background from the London School of Economics and is presently a VP and electrical engineer within a privately held, highly-specialized telecommunications corporation.

Continuing her connection with the life-after-life of Steve Jobs, Katherine’s curiosity in alternative communication and a belief in the ongoing of life after ‘death’ led her to experience this most definitive proof of existence past the physical, embrace it, and research it to the fullest extent.

As technology continues to develop and build on itself, Katherine enjoys exploring the possibilities presented by Steve Jobs that – on research – may very well become a part of our future.

Joy Lawrance

Joy’s fascination with the written word started in early childhood writing poems. Now as a freelance writer, her non-fiction travel articles have been published in national newspapers, and she currently writes regularly for regional magazines. Her articles cover a wide range of subjects that include architecture, food, book reviews, and interviews with local business owners as well as travel.

She has long been a student of Metaphysics and the life beyond death, so her friendship with Katherine is cemented through this common bond.

Joy graduated Occidental College with degrees in Music and Education and she continues to pursue those interests.

Katherine and Joy are award-winning authors within the Spiritual genre.

About  the Illustrator  

 Beth Seilonen

Katherine chose Beth’s Tarot Leaves images to bring further inspiration and meaning to Beyond The Wheat Field.

Beth began her Tarot journey during her formative years of college when her mother presented her sister with a tarot deck. Intrigued by the images and symbols therein, Beth spent the following decade studying Tarot and how the symbols interacted to create a deeper understanding of the Self.

In 2006, Beth began to paint her own Tarot deck. The Theban Tarot; followed by a collector who prompted her to print her work.

In the following years, Beth has explored the use of Tarot to capture the human experience. Often disguised through humor, the layers to her images offer an unabashed level of honesty for one to meditate upon and develop themselves.

Beth is closing in on 100 decks. Arcana, Tarot, Lenormand, and Oracles. Her mass-produced works are Tarot Leaves, Dream Ravens, Blue Cat, and Guardian Tarot.

Beth’s Tarot decks are available at http://www.bethseilonen.com/