Deepak Chopra wrote The Way of the Wizard in 1995, and in it he uses the character of Merlin to teach spiritual lessons to a young Arthur. Of course, the subject of energy plays a great part, and Merlin stresses that it can never be destroyed, and that to the wizard, death is merely a belief. As energy beings, we will always be here. In a favorite passage Merlin and Arthur are star gazing on a summer night. Merlin asks how far away must that star be? Arthur thinks it is farther than he can imagine. But no, says Merlin. It is no distance at all. He explains that the star is nothing but light, and for us to see it, the light enters our eyes. Therefore, there is no separation between us and the light – we are both part of the same seamless field of light. We are connected to the energy of the universe. A beautiful thought!

… Joy Lawrance

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