Science and the After-Life

Science and the after-life can be seen walking hand-in-hand. Consider the thought-provoking words of Albert Einstein: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

Science has realized that absolutely nothing in nature can disappear without a trace, no matter how small. We are formed, primarily, from atoms of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen; hydrogen from the original Big Bang, the remaining elements as a result of nuclear fusion within stars. Yes, in the grand scale of the universe, we are pretty small. However, do we leave behind elements for the universe to recycle? Certainly. After physical death, our elements will all eventually leach into the ground to support new life.

How about the energy of the consciousness? Many would agree that it does exist. Telepathy – silently communicating with others; that phone call as you were just thinking about a certain person. A sixth sense in the power of perception and intuitiveness; just ‘knowing’ that an event is about to occur. None of these are a known part of the physical being, but obviously an energy form that we access and utilize. An unseen yet intrinsic part of us, so what happens to that energy when we leave our physical body? It would have to leave also, in the same way as our chemical energy elements find their way out to serve new purpose.

Us. Who we are. Our innate Self. Can it think without a physical body, can it feel, create a new environment for itself to carry on existing in a place of its choice? Will it still recognize itself as the physical individual it accompanied? As it is a form of energy, we can assume that it merely changed form and continues to dwell in another manner with new – or renewed – understanding of life itself.

… Katherine Talley

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