Steve Jobs. The Life-after-Life.

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Steve Jobs. The quintessential entrepreneur left this life at just 56. Have you ever pondered upon your ongoing life after physical death? Steve did and came forth from beyond the grave with yet another “One More Thing …” Life extends far beyond.

Beyond The Wheat Field: The Life-After-Life of Steve Jobs is a collection of journaled communications beginning in 2011 providing an amazing insight into the past, present and now future life of this most iconic of tech titans.

Why are we here and what do we have to work through to grow in spirit? What comes next? Is time merely the concept of our own making? Who are we? These are all questions that Steve Jobs begins to answer from Beyond.

Beyond the Wheat Field is the book that Katherine agreed to write for him with fellow author Joy Lawrance built on Katherine’s channeled, unedited material and illustrated by Beth Seilonen’s Tarot ‘Leaves.’ All in his own words, Steve’s essays and quotes fill in the gaps of the ultimate innovator and showman as he discusses the juggling of corporations, a family, and his inner demons. In retroflection, a life filled with triumphs, but also with many regrets. With links and QR codes, the reader is encouraged to be interactive with the authors and gain further knowledge of technology within the book.

Steve gives insight into why he came into this world again for what he had to personally experience and learn. It was not an easy ride.

His account of life-after-life provides a glimpse into how we may continue to make choices in the Beyond. Steve’s new and revisited experiences are rich with the concept of energy and how it works on a universal level.

A future of technology is always on his mind. What would Steve do? The same as he did in life. His brilliance never ceases to amaze as to what could have the potential to become the next “insanely great” idea brought to fruition by the hands of others.

The enigma who became the world’s first corporate rock star is unleashed. Serious and egocentric, self-deprecating and loving but afraid of abandonment, attention-seeking, deliciously irreverent and sometimes just plain silly, Steve jobs constantly re-invents himself as surely as a hermit crab finds a new shell.

The myriad shades of Steve Jobs from Beyond.

 “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”  … Albert Einstein.

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